A List Of Sites Forex Trader Trusted
A List Of Sites Forex Trader Trusted

A List Of Sites Forex Trader Trusted


Forex.spektekno.com – Now the competition in the Forex market can be said to be very strict. Therefore, there is a possibility of difficulty to choose the best broker. Only by knowing the Forex trading strategy, then, is not enough to get the advantages of investing Untukex.

Before choosing a realtor is Forex right for you, then You need to know a few things that need to be considered. By doing so, then You will be easier to find the best as the right person.

How To Choose The Best Broker

To be able to choose a Forex broker that is best, then the rubric of my finances will share a few things that You need to consider in choosing a broker to trade Forex.

1. Demo Account

Forex brokers should provide a demo account to be attempted by novice traders. A Demo account can be very useful to know the situation and the condition of the real trading without investment in large quantities or the risks before you start trading in a regular account.

With a demo account then it can help you feel more confident to get comfort in Forex trading. After that, there will be a variety of instructions how to use a broker.

If You already feel confident with the broker then you can open a real account or original to do the actual trading.

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2. Spread recommendations

What is spread? The Spread is the difference in the selling price and the purchase price of the brokers in the currency Untukex. If You want to do a transaction of buying it then you can buy it. As for the sales price of the bid.

If spread then signifies that the broker can generate more profit. However, if spread out a little bit then You can save money in the amount of more money.

If You open a position that is clear then You will be charged spread and will be a boon for a Forex broker if there is a price difference. This spread could be the best for a broker that can benefit you.

3. Regulations

You are advised to choose which one is best for passengers who qualify or Trusted institution that is clear or regulations.

It would be better If You Choose the best Forex Broker in the world with the regulations of the NFA of the United States or the United Kingdom FCA of the United Kingdom.

Why so? Because the second rule is very clear and for the broker who already get the rules then the broker has passed the requirements are stringent.

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Of course, choose a broker that is safe is very necessary to help You provide a sense of security when You make a trade. One of them is a joy because it already has a regulation of the Uk FCA and already many customers from all over the world who believe it.

4. Tooling Forex Trading

Every Forex broker should give You the tools thoroughly. For example, note the price of the currency in real time, a tool to analyze the technical, analysis of comments and the economic base.

In other words, You need these tools to do a good trade.

5. Command to stop or limit.

With the competition between Forex brokers is tight, with a wide variety of bids and the best in any command stops and orders the limit then, You are required to enter into minute details during the entire time.

The goal is to determine the extent to which their certainty. Whether it’s about news NFP so You are not mistaken in choosing a Forex broker is the best in the world or in Indonesia.

6. Service Help

Of course Forex broker is a broker that can also provide support and dispel any doubts every time You need a broker system.

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It would be better if You are looking for about Your system get it easily through a lot of access. Some of them through telephone access, helpdesk support, forum, and email.

7. Security

Security is mandatory criteria that must be owned by the Forex broker That You Choose Later. Of course You do not want to give money in a relatively large number of to people carelessly right.

Therefore, You should make sure and check out the Forex brokers to the legal entity concerned yes.

Throughout the world there are legal institutions which have been registered over the status of whether it is a Forex Broker that is valid. Some of the legal entity concerned and the country they are as follows.

  • Indonesia (BABPEBTI, BBJ and KBI)
  • United States of america (NFA and CFTC)
  • English (FCA)
  • Switzerland (SFBC)
  • Germany (BaFIN)
  • France (AMF)

So, preferably before you give Your money to Forex broker then first, make sure that the broker is already registered in the legal entities concerned yes.

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