How To Learn Online Stock Trading For Beginners Plus Tips
How To Learn Online Stock Trading For Beginners Plus Tips

How To Learn Online Stock Trading For Beginners Plus Tips

270 views – Stock trading is the Activity of buying and selling shares with the aim of can profit from the difference between the purchase price with the selling price. This advantage in the capital markets of the world which is called capital gains.

Different Stock Investment Stock. Investors prefer to buy shares and keep it off for a long time. That is, investors stock transaction is not relatively short as a trader.

Why investors prefer to hold stocks rather than sell the stock price quickly? This is because the goals and expectations of the investors profit from the distribution of dividends, i.e. the profit of the company or the part of the publisher per quarter, per semester or per year.

You want to start plunging into the world capital market should definitely know stock trading. Review.

Guide and how to learn stock trading for beginners

The stage that needs to be done to become owners of shares in the capital with great ease. There are 3 main steps that must be implemented, namely:

1. Open account

The initial step that You should do to start trading is to have an account. Her account is not a savings account,but it’s securities. The manufacturing process can be done by visiting the securities of the company. Prepare the necessary requirements, including photocopying KTP, NPWP, savings book, as well as prangkapan Rp6.000 2 pieces.

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2. Save funds

After the account opening process is successful, the next step is to generate funds. Funds Nominal that should be saved for the first time different, the term is customized by each of the securities of the company. With a deposit of Funds into the securities account, the investor can begin to make the process of buying and selling stock.

3. Start investing

How to stock transactions as easy as that. You don’t need to come directly to the Office of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) nearby. The options available to trade the shares practically the only access to the internet. At this time, already quite a lot of security companies that provide services exchange online stock to investors.

Some securities companies that provide services stock market online which is a:

  • Service BEST BCA Sekuritas
  • Most of the Maniri effect
  • eSmart belonging to BNI Securities
  • POST released by Panin Sekuritas
  • Trimegah Securities Prima.
  • Tips to learn stock trading
  • Stock trading is done in a relatively short time. Even so, that doesn’t mean You really speculate.

Still there are calculations and considerations that you need to do before selling shares. Instead of profit, You can even be lost if You are not using the right calculation.

Below are the basics of stock trading You need to understand really.

  • Get to know the capital market and stock
  • Learn stock analysis
  • Open a stock account online in company securities
  • Starting from the capital of the small
  • Learn how to buy and sell through online trading
  • Start with buy and sell stocks illdid in LQ45
  • Buy stock: buy on weakness and buy on the breakout
  • Sell shares: selling on the power and cut the losses
  • Deepen and discipline applying technical analysis
  • Learn from the experience
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1. Get to know the capital market and stock

Learn stock or stock investment begins with knowing the market capital and equipment, including stocks.

Whether You’re a novice can learn for free by enrolling in the School of the Capital Markets (SPM), which facilitates the exchange Indonesia stock exchange (BEI).

Usually You are required to establish a fund of $ 100 thousand with the aim stock account opening in the securities of the company.

Bursa efek Indonesia (BEI) divide the Schools of the Capital Markets (SPM) into two levels.

SPM level 1, with the material contains a material investment in the capital market, the effect and mechanism of stock trading, the structure of the capital market in Indonesia, up to the benchmark of ownership in the securities (access).
SPM level 2, the Analysis of the basic Material and technical analysis.

2. Learn stock analysis

Learn stock analysis will bring You in trading the right stocks and at least avoid a loss.

In the School of the Capital Markets (SPM) Level 2, You get the basics of stock analysis, both fundamental and technical.

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In the fundamental analysis of a stock, You learn:

economic analysis,
the analysis of the industrial sector,
Company analysis (financial ratios).
While in technical analysis of stocks, You learn methods:

  • Chart (line chart, bar Chart, and volume)
  • The path of the Trend (Up trend, downtred, line side/accumulation)
  • Resistance and support
  • Too excited and too sold
  • Price patterns
  • Moving averages
  • Stochastic oscillator
  • The Relative Strength index (RSI).

3. Open a stock account online in company securities

After gaining the fundamental knowledge about the capital market and the stock, the time to open an online account as a condition of stock trading.

Stock accounts or securities accounts opened with the register of securities of the company. How to open an account or effect can now be done online.

  • Select a securities company, a place where the registration of the account opening.
  • Install the app or register on the official website of the security company.
  • Prepare personal document KTP, NPWP and savings accounts.
  • If the initial deposit or initial deposits to the fund’s investors (RDI).
  • Buy and Sell the stake is ready.

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