How to Mengongguni App Trade Forex OctaFX
How to Mengongguni App Trade Forex OctaFX

How to Mengongguni App Trade Forex OctaFX

243 views – Talk about investing in the public funds, stocks, crypto and trading, it seems lately so the hot topic that is always discussed a lot of people, especially with the news about the market price of crypto.

The popularity of investment is Not without reason, thanks to the application-the application provider both, then many people are flocking to produce more better to use it seriously for investment and trading, and just a fad try yourself.

Well this time there is one of the trading app popular because he always makes Cuan. Application no Oktafx. So, if the app OctaFX is indeed worth it…, … as claimed many users? Here we will explain about OctaFX and how to register, how to deposit and how to withdraw. Please continue to refer to the Yes!

Explanation Of App Trading OctaFx

Well Appafx is STP broker forex that provide the distribution service, the client’s order to a broker that a large (usually typing ECN), then connect directly to the interbank market. In other words, this app is a third-party for buddy in trade and investment, as well as monitor the movement of the chart and the market.

One of the features in octavers OctaFX get is Copytrading. This section of the course will offer the opportunity to copy the auto trader is the flagship, so we don’t need to worry if You have a problem at first.

With this feature, but You can also save time compared to making the analysis and the strategy of its own. then pal only have to choose the Master of Forex the best and do is versioned portfolio trading.

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The trading Platform is available in OctaFx as follows :

1. Open account in OctaFX

With account OctaFX, You Can access the foreign exchange market and start trading. After You register, You will receive an email containing the details of the log in the personal area You own, trade account, and all the necessary instructions. You need to sign in to Your personal area to manage your funds, get the bonus, and participate in our promotions. Letter of mandate from the trading account used to access the trading platform itself.

2. Create a deposit.

Sign in to Your personal area to make the deposit without any commission. In OctaFX, you can exchange with at least 25 Dollars. The minimum Deposit may vary depending on Your area and your payment method.

According to the Basics of Risk Management, the more funds you have, the less risk you face.

3. Sign in to the web-based platform

A web-based Platform that requires no installation and allows You to trade from any device and anytime. If not, You can download the desktop version or an app trade OcaFX to Your Android device. You can compare the platforms and choose the best.

4. Start trading

Command open

For open orders, You just choose the volume of Your position and press the buy or sell.

Bottom line, You open a purchase order if You expect the price to rise and the open order to sell if You expect the price to go down. This means You buy in a specific amount with a lower price at this time to sell it back at a higher price later in the day and benefit from the price difference.

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Set leverage

Leverage reduces the marginal requirements, i.e. the amount necessary to maintain a certain position, and help You open an order with a volume that is large compared to that possible by Your balance. It is important to note that the higher the volume of your order, the more profit or loss for each pip.

Let’s say You have a trade account with a balance of USD500, and the leverage applied to 1: 500. You decide to open a position of 1 Lot (100,000 units) on EUR/USD, while the price is 1.13415. The required Margin for this position is by the by usd26, 83, almost half of your funds. Each pip of movement is worth to USD10.

Therefore, the price just need to go down to the 1,13145 so You lose almost all the money in your account. If You open a position to 0.5 a lot, each pip will only cost you $ 5. In this case, if the price falls to 1.13145, Your loss USD135.

This should be considered when making trading decisions and evaluate the potential risk of price fluctuations.

Price Predictions

As a novice, You can only track the general direction of the price on the chart and open the buy orders when the up or sell orders when it falls. This may not give an advantage that is guaranteed every time, but this is a good start to develop Your strategy.

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If You have little experience or not at all, it is better to avoid trading during major news releases, because the market tends to be very unstable. Two methods of prediction the price of the more sophisticated are technical analysis and fundamental analysis. The technique of Risk Management can also be proven useful in reducing losses.

Get profit

There are many strategies that allow You to profit from fluctuations in currency prices, scalping, martingale, hedging, trading, and much more. Read our article to find detailed explanations of the most common strategies and choose the best for you.

Order of cover

Raise the fluctuations of the order of the order depending on the current market price until you close it. If You feel to get a big advantage, go to the Trade tab in Your platform, search for open positions, tap to open the context menu, and select the order close.

Before You start

There are concepts and specific terms are important to understand. We already talked about this in the article How the trafficking of Women. You can also explore the part of our education. This will help You expand your knowledge about the market in general and our services in particular. If You want to practice with virtual funds before switching to real trading, You can open a demo account Oktafx.

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