How To Play Automatic Trading With Robots
How To Play Automatic Trading With Robots

How To Play Automatic Trading With Robots

236 views – Hello mate traders today I want to introduce and review one of the Robots Trading crypto Best able to make a profit or advantage from 2% to 10% every day automatically with minimal setup a one-time $10 or 150 thousand.

What Is It Trading Robots Royal Q?

ROYAL Q is a trading robot high tech, which has a speed that is able to do cryptocurrency trading from start to coins such as bitcoin until a variety of coins in the top 100 ranking of the largest markets that binance and huobi global, that is the reason why this is one of the trading robot crypto best I have ever used because the robot is to play in the SPOT market and future market such as forex has the risk of a MARGIN CALL or loss of capital.

How To Register App Royal Q

The first pair should All download the app royalq in google playstore or through the link here to register. Use the reference from the bottom to get a bonus from our team ranging from $ 10 – $500 and also the construction prize of the network with a way to get members free from us.

  1. Download App Royal Q in playstore (app available on the iphone and android), After that open the Q app and select the Register as shown below :
  2. After that your will be taken to the Registration As shown below
  • For Countries Choose According To Your Country
  • Please enter Your email
  • Click the enter button password
  • A password reset for couples
  • Click Send verification code, after checking Your email and input the code sent via email
  • Input the invitation code : 6JLZP
  • Then Register and Buddy can get
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After buddy can sign up to app Royal q, After registering a q has been completed, your second Step need to register for an account on binance, crypto wallet indodax, tokypto etc. I understand. For a tutorial on how to register in binance, You can do a search on youtube, or see the video link below for a guide :

Please friends for watching the video above, for couples referral can ask via whatsapp on bottom, here we only need to register binance because the interests of the robot do the sale and purchase transaction, do not forget your account that You created needs to be verified in the media.

Close-Up Of The Kingdom Q

Here are some of the testimony from members of the royal q indonesia whatsapp group until 10 March 2021, is.

How To Use The Robot Kingdom Of Q ?

  • Subscribe to the robot $ 120 for 1 year.
  • Can be used to trade unlimited without any additional cost of shoe rental.
  • Get access trading to 62 type coin crypto Best.
  • Could do a trade in two of the Treasurer direct simultaneously.
  • Full support when there is an obstacle technical and non-technical.
  • The advantage of at least 1% – 10% per day and without set and remain asleep. (Helper settings in our Group)
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Features Of Trading Robots Royal Q

1. Cycle

This feature is particularly suitable when there is the trend of the market, because this feature is enabled robots work 24 hours without stop to make a profit a lot of times in one day.

2. One-shot

There are also features one-shot where if this feature is enabled then when the spider targer reached, the robot will stop work and do not do the open position the purchase again. This feature is very friendly on the market.

3. Rechargeable

This button is used to perform the intervention of the purchase of coins outside the robot to do, is done to reduce the floppy disk without when it happened.

4. Take Profit Ratio

You yourself determine the profit in the trade. The Robot will work with a target of at least 1 % but You can change more than 1% as you want.

Royal Q also issued an affiliate program that is very interesting, and this time you can take advantage of the transaction cryptocurrency in the market, no load the system from the affiliate program issued a royal Q, you can generate thousands of dollars every day with you run this program, this is what you looking for ? please contact the person who gave this information.

Advantages Of The Application Of Robots Royal Q

The Robot can trade 24 hours 7 days without stopping and not System roi that provide passive profit to the members of the (game money).
100% of the funds held by the User in the accounts of binance and huobi global in the form of usdt.
There is almost no risk by using this robot because the robot only works in the largest market 1 and number 2 of the World by trading volume is high.

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Mechanism & Trading System Robots Royal Q

The kingdom of Q trade sell buy crypto with a trading system, not the arbitration is also not the future.
The Robot can perform the averaging technique automatically when the price decreases, so that the float can be maintained.
With features and tols complete so that the logic of the working of this bot can maximize the outcome of Your trade.
With the bot, You can use simultaneously to two of the Treasurer of the world’s great that Binance and Huobi.

After You have read the mechanism, system and features above and want to try using the app Royal q, pal should do the registration in your account to a-2, for me personally I use BIN account as a wallet because it’s already married, and also the buddy should register an account at Royal q. the following describes how to register the account and Binance binance binance.

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