How To Use Economic Calendar Fbs
How To Use Economic Calendar Fbs

How To Use Economic Calendar Fbs

174 views – Who is not familiar calendar Untukex factory? For traders who want to see a schedule of economic news and the latest results from the data, calendar Forex factory seems to be a source of information that should be considered. Why Factory Forex? Do not schedule the release of economic data can also be seen on other sites?

For more information, Factory Forex is a site that has long been a gathering place for traders all over the world. Although the service is the premier forum which contains a set of the Stock trader forex, Forex Companies provide other information, such as calendar forex which later evolved into one of the sources of information from the traders most trusted, today.

Well, through this article, the author will discuss how to use the factory to the calendar as the analysis of the fundamental. If You open the site of smell [dot]com, he will see a display of calendar such as forex here:

How to read and use them? For easy understanding, let’s map out a factory calendar Untukex like this:

Image description:

  • Feature to set the date. Here, we can determine the date on which we will be watching the release of data. The column that shows the date and time. The rules of the default calendar following the time zone of the US and Canada. To adjust to the time zone of Indonesia, we can click the adverb of time at the top of the column (marked with red circle). The expected currency is influenced by a news release.
  • The impact column is an indicator that helps us estimate the size of the impact of the launch of the news with a price. The older the color, the greater the impact of the news. The reference is as follows: Red: high impact orange: moderate impact yellow: the main column contains the name of the Manufacture of the economic data.
  • The folder icon in this column when click-Click can display the description of the economic data to him. Suppose we click on the icon in the row of the unemployment rate, information about what is the unemployment rate and how it will affect the currency will appear. This feature is very useful for beginners who don’t know much about the economic indicators that are important.
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Consists of 3 columns is different, this section reflect the results of the release of economic data. Follow any explanation:

  • Fact: the results of the latest releases. The green color shows the results support the strengthening of the price. If black will not be possible influential, and if red could potentially trigger a decline in prices.
  • Estimate: the number of projections that reflect the predictions of the experts and analysts.
  • Previous: the results of the previous period.

“More” will open the calendar view for the next day. Section” Filter ” is used to filter the calendar view according to our preferences. With this feature, we can choose to display economic data according to the type, significance, or currency of the infected.

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How To Use Calendar Forex Factory For Analysis

After know calendar Forex factory, then the next step is to understand the data that is shown to support the analysis of our trade. But before that, first of all let us understand the 3 basic ideas of trading with the news of a collision is high.:

Before the official news was released, the market is already moving to follow this issue.
When the news was released, we need to interpret quickly because the market is already in a state of volatile ready to move to there to here.
After the news of the slide, then it will look the market response is clear. Between 10-15 minutes after the news is released, we can already see the true impact of the news, if not influential, trigger an increase in prices, or just pressing the movement of the price.

Read the release of economic data can basically be done the easy way. Pay attention to what data is red, then look at how the actual results of himself. Green means that the signal is bullish, while red tends to signify the signal is bearish. If you want to get the observation of a more in-depth, observe also the comparison between the actual and weather forecast. The greater the difference, the higher the impact on the price movement.

But actually, there’s one more thing you need to know. Analysis of calendar Forex factory can not rely on the color of the numbers in the columns of the truth. Although the unemployment rate of the U. S. green, the dollar does not always go up after the release of the data.

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Why did it happen? There are 2 reasons why the data failed to make the expected impact. First, it could be that the market provides large impact events that happened at that time almost simultaneously with the release of data. Second, the market is actually not a problem because of the attention on the fundamental issues that are considered more important.

For example, EUR / USD may not be degenerate even though the unemployment rate rose, when economic policy recently tightened. Another example, USD/JPY may not advance after the unemployment rate released more hope, because when that happens the pressure of geopolitical threaten the stability of the us.

Therefore, we should use the Calendar Factory Forex in accordance with the capacity, namely as one of the tools of fundamental analysis that shows the result of the release of the latest data. Take advantage of the information that is displayed to complete the analysis, not as the sole decision of the trading guide. To complement it, we can regularly listen to the fundamental problems of the other and use technical analysis to look at the potential point of entry.

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