List of Free Crypto Trading Robots
List of Free Crypto Trading Robots

List of Free Crypto Trading Robots

1,085 views – A robot trading crypto is a software that helps You automatically Your trading strategy. In other words, crypto trading robot Automatically run a command based on Your trading strategy in exchange crypto without Your manual intervention. This reduces risk and gives You an extra edge over the manual traders.

On a day to day Mt.Gox, Bitcoin merchants write scripts to buy and sell bitcoin to make profit. Over time the Robot crypto become more sophisticated. Today You can trade any altcoin such as Etheruem, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc to use bot trading.

More than 90% of crypto Trading, are now going through this robot today. So if You do not use one of the softwares, You may experience large losses to compete against the robot trading.

However, starting with the robot trading crypto may be confusing and overwhelming. We have therefore choose the best and easy to use bot to trade for you. Some trading robots that are listed below are open-source software.

If you are a beginner, I suggest starting from the strategy of pre-build-use templates of trade, reducing the risk of error when auto Strategy of your own.

Best crypto Trading Bot (Free & Paid) in 2021

I try my best to keep things brief, but as it is said by Kofi Annan, “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating.”I try to provide You with all the features of the robot trading crypto in this article . However, if You do not want to do dive in, the table below is for you!

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1. Pionex-FREE Crypto Trading Bot for Bitcoin [ Join Pionex ]

No need to bother with the API key when using the Pionex. So far, there are 16 robots kriptokasi smoking in Pionex: trader robot, never use a Grid robot, the limit of the Grid automaton, a grid of robots, the Grid is infinite, Network robot unlimited, netting the robot upside down, drive the robot does not fit, the Dollar-cost of the two-profit, take advantage, take, take advantage BTCED months, and the profits evenly (advantage) here.

Pionex is the Exchange with a robot that was made. This is one platform Robot Free Trade is the best for cryptocurrency that I’ve ever seen since 2017. (the year I started buying crypto :P) to accommodate liquidity exchange Huobi and provide Trading Robots Free on it.

Pionex recently came out with a Spot-futures crypto arbitrage bot and therefore provide an alternative to arbitration traditional crypto arbitration. Anyway, trading robots on Pionex easy to use. Therefore, I’d like to swap the robot bitcoin. Bitcoin had a market capital is high, and this is the center of the whole KRIPTOKENCY IMO.

Pionex safe and have been given permission MAS and MBS from Singapore, and Pionex America is a robot crypto on my list and bot deliver the best out there.

2. Bitsgap-Grid bot trading Binance [ Join Bitgap ]

Bitsgap is best known for its unique automated trading bot. Thousands of traders crypto with different experiences and skills to use Bitgap every day to maximize results by automation them.

The algorithm is implemented by the technique based on Bitsgap is simple and effective, which is called the GRID. It distributes both proportional in the range of trading by the trader crypto.

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Every time purchase limit is filled, the order to sell the new placed by the bot just above that price. And vice versa, purchase orders placed under the command of sale in full. As long as the price remains within the limits of the trade, the robot will trade non-stop.

Furthermore, Bitsgap recently issued a trading Robot futures open and close hundreds of small positions in a day. Therefore take smaller profits and reduce risk.

Algorithm Bitsgap is designed to maximize profits from the purchase of low and sell high every time the price swing. Robot Automatic has all the features of risk control such as stop loss, Trailing, take profit, and some of the strategy out.

  • A cloud-based solution, so you don’t need to download any
  • Robot trading is based on the logic of transparent and efficient
  • Simulator of the bot-risk trading in the DEMO mode
  • Signals crypto free for customers
  • Strategy Backtested to start the bot fast
  • Trial Free 14 Day Again.

3. Kriphopper-Trading bot for Kucoin and Binance [ link Signup ]

Kriphopper is a Bitcoin Trading robot that is paid to the bitcoin and kriptocurrency other. But before joining a paid membership, You have a free trial for 7 days on Cryptohopper.

One of the robots trade is known in Kriphopper is market maker of the robot. Similar to the robot Grid in Pionex, but focus more on the advantages of the spread in the order book. Kriptohopper telegram bot will help You to authorize Your trade signal.

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CryptoHopper also provides the market in which You can guarantee for every service thrid-party like a Signal Crypto, trading strategies, applications, and templates.

The Slogan Cryptohopper it is very suspicious to me:

4. Coinrule You can create Coinbase Trading Bot of Your own! [Join Here ]

Coinrule is the next level for beginners. The rule of” if-this-then-that ” allows more advanced traders kriptrasi their trading strategies in a minute. User user-friendly interface to guide the user in the build step trading robot.

Template library contains more than 150 rules that help beginners running the trading system that suits their needs. This Platform allows a variety of strategies cryptocurrency trading, including the loss of stops, take profits, and integrate the main technical indicators. List of trading strategies that make Coinrule can be infinite and the company post regularly new idea in basic knowledge of the platform.

Another interesting feature is a tool of exchange Demo. Traders kriptrasi can test their trading systems in a safe environment with the allocation of virtual coins. The rules of the Demo running at prices that come straight from Binance, then risk-free. Therefore, this platform is perfect to make Your own Coinbase bot.

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