This is how to trade without indicators
This is how to trade without indicators

This is how to trade without indicators

284 views – Trading without indicators, or sometimes called a Trade naked, is a technique to trade forex based on the observation of the movement of price alone, without applying technical indicators on the chart. What’s in it? How to trade without indicators like this? Check out the discussion by Seputarforex here.

Excess Trading Without Indicators

If the trader is likened addict makeup, then the indicator is a trader makeup always wanted to try each time to find new tools. Just try-just a try or choose a pair that can be used to optimize a trading system that better. For not stacked too many indicators in a single chart.

The increase in the number of indicators used by traders is not a means of profit will be getting bigger. On the contrary, as women make Up menor, will be less unsightly in the end, even if only to feel it could be more interesting.

Similarly, the use of indicators to sense can help traders achieve the target, but if the chart is filled indicator is no longer satisfying meal, then the trader can never again get the picture accurate market conditions. In this case, trading without indicators is an alternative that is superior.

Rather than bother looking for indicators that fit with Your trading style, why not study the price action and price Forecast course? In addition to the two topics, the patterns the candle also can support trading without indicators. The market is bullish or bearish, basically determines it is not an indicator, but the price.

Similarly, if a trader will profit or loss also depends on the price. To turn off the indicator from the chart, then the trader can focus on the price movement itself. This is not all traders can do it, but not a few traders are able to trade without indicators.

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How To Trade Without Indicators

Identification Of The Swing High / Swing Low

The swing is a reversal point at the top of the chart which usually consists of high and low level that appear around support and resistance. Identification of the swing can continue to label each swing with four categories:

  • A Higher Low (HL)
  • Higher high (HH)
  • A Lower High (LH)
  • Under low (LL)
  • Determine The Current Market Conditions

Such identification will help You define the market conditions. In general, there are three types of market conditions:

  • Uptred/Bullish: a series of HH and HL.
  • Downtred/bearish: a series of LL and LH.
  • Range/side / consolidation: there are a series of swing-specific, and usually form a pattern such as slices, triangles, head and shoulders, and others.

To determine the condition of this market, you do not need indicators. Just follow the general rule: the market is trending is a form of market series high and low prices, or the market is forming a series of low low low low low low low low and high. If HL, HH, LH, and will not be determined easily, it may mean that the market is ranging or choppy.

The Termination Of The Relationship Will Trade Or Not

After being able to read market conditions at the top of the chart, You will certainly be able to decide whether to exchange or not. In this case, if the market becomes bullish trending, could be relatively easy to be decided later will buy. Or if the market is bearish, could clearly determine the direction of selling potential.


However, when the conditions sideways, choppy, or flats because looking forward to the release of important news, it will be difficult to determine the entry and set the door of the exit, so that You can choose to not only trade. Although, there are some Alternative Trading when the market consolidation that can be taken if You still want to trade.

Identification Of The Reversal Point And The Correction

In the conditions of a trending market, You can try to enter the market when the price correction of the trend, or in other words, “buy the dips in uptrends and sell rallies in downtrends”. Or, mark the support and resistance level that will be used as a benchmark point of reversal and correction.

The use of levels of support and resistance can also be equipped with an understanding of the:

  • The formation of the candles is very important as Pin Bars, Fakey,and in the Bar.
  • Chart patterns are common in the forex market
  • Patterns-Candlestick patterns

When the support and resistance levels less convincing, then understanding about the three things that can help You to trade without indicators.

Waiting For A Trading Signal That Appears

The last step is waiting to appear a trading signal that can be executed. In how to trade Without Indicators, Signals are often in the form of formation of candles which signifies the reversal and the beginning of a breakout. One of the kind of signals a candlestick most popular for the analysis of price action and the indicator mark of the trade of this type using the pin bar. In addition, there is also a Falling Star, the Hammer is Bullish, and Tweezer top and bottom, and others. Furthermore, to determine the exit point, and You can adjust it yourself, better with the principle of the same wave, based on the ratio of risk/reward, and other alternative without applying the indicator on top of chart.

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Hijack Alignment Trading Without Indicators

Write down the steps of trading without indicators is the following pattern that you understand as a trading signal, in paper or checklist. Make sure You adhere to all of that and not easily wooed by the inspiration of the moment that there is no clear basis.

Keep Your Head Still Cool

For the user how to trade without indicators, controlling the psychological present a challenge, because it will be very easy to “impose” our illusion about the movement of the price, even though at the top of the chart is the original there was nothing.

Therefore, You should be earnest-headed in making trading decisions and not try to create the trading signals. There are many opportunities to profit in the forex market, but that opportunity is not always there every day. Also there are times when You must stay away from the market. These things are just some of the realities and dynamics that need to be faced by all traders, trading techniques.

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